• Hand Wash and Dry Exterior

  • Door, Trunk & Hood Jams Degreased

  • Remove All Bugs, Tar & Tree Sap

  • Thoroughly Clean & Detail Wheels & Dress Tires

  • Clay Bar Application To Remove Oxidation &
    Airborne Fallout

  • Finish With Our 3 Step Process
    Detailed Below

Step 1

Ultracoat Compound

Chemical and mechanical cleaners combine to work on clearcoat urethane paints. They remove sanding marks and paint imperfections. Thus achieving the highest possible gloss while maintaining the integrity of the clear coat finish. Ultracoat Compound is step one of a three part process. Ultracoat Compound was developed in conjunction with Ultracoat Polish and Ultracoat wax to bring about the highest quality finish achievable from urethane clearcoat paint.

Step 2

Ultracoat Polish

Depth – Gloss – Protection! Ultracoat Polish is part of a new class of automobile paint finish polishes. It was developed to bring about the highest quality finish achievable from urethane clearcoat paints. Light cleaners and polymer sealants have been formulated into Ultracoat Polish to work with the clearcoat urethane paint systems to maintain a flawless long-lasting finish.

Step 3

Ultracoat Wax

POLYMER URETHANE PAINT SEALANT- The longest lasting, highest gloss and silkiest feeling wax we use. Ultracoat Wax is a new class of paint sealant developed to harden into the highest quality finish achievable from urethane clearcoat, lacquer or enamel paints. Polymer and urethane sealants are fortified into Ultracoat Wax Protection Plus to establish a flawless, long-lasting finish.

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